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Courage and Conviction: Ethical Dilemmas, Decision-Making, and Resolutions (Lim Soo Ping)

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you would be breaching a law or policy if you help a person in need? Do you stand aside when someone needs assistance, thinking you have no obligation to lift a finger? Is there a way to deal with an ethical dilemma without fear of being mired in the consequences? How would you answer an inconvenient question?

by Lim Soo Ping (learn more on LinkedIn)

Courage and Conviction deals with the subject of ethical dilemmas in personal and work life. It opens with a discussion on the nature of ethical dilemmas and then discusses moral reasoning and what it takes for effective decision-making in an ethical dilemma.

It provides a guide for resolving an ethical dilemma with a step-by-step resolution framework and a tactical approach. Several chapters look at ethical dilemmas in the context of professional work, running corporations and public service.

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The book concludes by discussing a common ethical dilemma, namely, facing an inconvenient question, and providing a set of rules for decision making by a person exercising authority.

Written in a readable and accessible style and peppered with cases and stories to illustrate concepts the chapters in the book end with a bullet-point summary, and one or two questions for readers to reflect on to deepen their understanding of concepts and their application.

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