CA-S Annual Inter-University Bowling Tournament 2018

A Perfect Game in bowling… is 300. Well, no one got that but it was a perfect afternoon for the Annual CA-S Inter-University Bowling Tournament! Friends, chuckles, foods, and prizes…. Just Perfect!

The intense focus, the shimmy of the hips, the swing of the arm… a heavy smooth ball is hurled down the slippery wooden waxed alley. This happened over and over again. Sometimes it went into the gutter. Other times reaching the end knocking a few pins down. And every now and then – a loud, devastating strike with all 10 pins in the air. This is then usually followed by high 5’s and cheering all around.

The champion…. for another year, the unbeatable CanCham team. Congrats!!

Another well attended event. Thank you to everyone for joining and special shout out to all the volunteers. See you all next year!

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Canadian Alumni Network Singapore (CANsg) was formed by a volunteer group of Colombo Plan scholars in 1979. It is managed by an elected Executive Committee with guidance from a Board of Advisors. The High Commissioner of Canada to Singapore was invited to serve as Vice-Chair in the founding Board of Advisors, a tradition which continues today. 


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