Soirée Exclusive at 1880

Thank you for bringing your awesome self to Soirée Exclusive at 1880! An incredible night of glitz and glam, fun and laughter, the venue was filled with dazzling guests who took us back to the 1920s while enjoying our #Canadian-themed cocktail “Maple Old Fashioned.” But the fun didn't stop there - the crowd went wild over an incredible dance performance from the movie Chicago by two lovely volunteers, leading to our guests to take part in a Charleston dance lesson that packed the dance floor. Our raffle prizes included Raptors hats straight from the 6ix to time the Raptors’ NBA championship win, but the best part was the crowd screaming and cheering for the best dressed male and female prizes of the night. It was an unbelievable night for us and we hope you felt the same! We look forward to seeing you at our next Canadian Alumni Network Singapore event!

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Canadian Alumni Network Singapore (CANsg) was formed by a volunteer group of Colombo Plan scholars in 1979. It is managed by an elected Executive Committee with guidance from a Board of Advisors. The High Commissioner of Canada to Singapore was invited to serve as Vice-Chair in the founding Board of Advisors, a tradition which continues today. 


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