Canadian Alumni Network Singapore (CANsg) was formed by a volunteer group of Colombo Plan scholars in 1979. It is managed by an elected Executive Committee with guidance from a Board of Advisors. The High Commissioner of Canada to Singapore was invited to serve as Vice-Chair in the founding Board of Advisors, a tradition which continues today. 


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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you would be breaching a law or policy if you help a person in need? Do you stand aside when someone needs assistance, thinking you have no obligation to lift a finger? Is there a way to deal with an ethical dilemma without fear of being mired in the consequences?

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Lim Soo Ping

University of Alberta Alum


Doing Business in China is a practical guide that provides concrete answers to the questions every entrepreneur has when deciding whether to tackle the Chinese market.

How am I going to protect my company’s technology? Will I be able to repatriate the capital invested and my profits?

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Caroline Bérubé

McGill Alum

The West's two-century epoch as global powerhouse is at an end. A new world order, with China and India as the strongest economies, dawns. How will the West react to its new status of superpower in decline?

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Kishore Mahbubani

Dalhousie University Alum


In an era of growing cultural pessimism, many thoughtful individuals believe that different civilizations – especially Islam and the West – cannot live together in peace. The ten countries of ASEAN provide a thriving counter-example of civilizational coexistence. Here 625m people live together in peace. This miracle was delivered by ASEAN. Read more

Mahbubani, Kishore / Sng, Jeffery

Kishore Mahbubani

Dalhousie University Alum